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The #L Story

After having run a network of brick-and-mortar Education centres for several years, Jayadev saw the acute gap between high aspirations and affordability of courses for many families who desire a better quality of life for their children. Jayadev decided to pursue this goal through the founding of HashLearn along with Gokul, a veteran technologist who shared the same passion for disrupting Education meaningfully through technology.

Today, HashLearn a.k.a. #L users can:

  • Join Free Live Video Classes for Exams with 100% portion completion by the best Teachers
  • Connect to high-quality tutors from the IITs, NITs & BITS for instant tutoring sessions starting at just Rs.40, each session guaranteed for quality
  • For the first time, buy Digital Content in Full or Single Packs from India’s best Publishers starting at just Rs.15, instead of the whole book
  • Get Homework, Tests, and more through Passport, India’s first ‘One Subscription, All Exams’ club

This is just the beginning of our journey to build Digital Education infrastructure for India with the promise of high-quality and affordability for every Indian.


HashLearn is building end-to-end Digital Education Infrastructure for India. We are digitizing Indian education across all stakeholders – Content Publishers, Coaching Centres, Tutors, Parents and others – and bringing them together into an intelligent, cohesive platform delivered as a Personal Learning Assistant (PLA) for the student with high-quality and affordability as the cornerstones of our model.

The goal of the PLA is to make a customized learning path accessible for each of the 300 million students in India.


Equal Opportunity for a Billion Indians
through affordable and accessible Quality Education

Scaling Quality Education digitally
by disaggregating content and services, while building end-to-end distribution

Awards and Recognitions

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